French-American, born and raised in New York City.
Currently lives and works in Montpellier in the South of France.

Since my early childhood, my curious and acutely sensitive nature causes me to draw and observe the world around me, as well as develop an awareness to music and language and a taste for reading fiction and theory. It is during Highschool at the United Nations International School that I discover black and white photography. During University, I continued to explore photography on my own, learning different formats, techniques and the darkroom.

After my degree in Art History and Film Theory, in 2009 I became part of En Traits Libres, a collective artist’s space opened to the public and which functions as a studio, gallery and boutique. Not only do I discover that art can be shared and need not be solitary, but being surrounded by talented and inspiring draughtsmen, I naturally go back to drawing. Starting out as mainly pencil sketches of my daily environment, (portraits of people and places, objects…), my pieces have become bigger in size and I have started to explore different themes and techniques. Indian Ink is a revelation, I love the danger of it, and the contrast it makes with the white of the page. I try to convey energy, and gestuality through my realistic yet expressive drawings. My central themes are sensuality and accidents, both in technique (i love putting my hands « in it », drippings, what’s not clean…) and subject (women, mouths, nudes, drawing from stains…).

Since 2012 I draw concerts LIVE! I'm a music lover and going to lots of concerts got me addicted to drawing the musicians. I don't sketch, I just draw really fast! In 3 years I've drawn over 200 bands.

An ongoing series is of an automatic text, of repetitive nature, between writing and knitting. I fill up entire pages with these fountain pen or paintbrush doodle-like loops in black or in color.

I’ve created a line of greeting cards and postcards, both of drawings and photographs. Some are printed in limited editions, others are each unique, individual handmade cards of happy cats and funny doodle guys.


All my work is shown and sold at En Traits Libres, don’t hesitate to just stop by for a visit or to say hello.